A Planet of Your Own

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Andromeda Galaxy. Whirlpool Galaxy. Somewhere undiscovered. What's the population of your planet? No one, just me.


Choose some inhabitants other than humans. All of these!

None of these! How advanced is civilization? There is no civilization. Stone-age basic.

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Some cities and towns. Very advanced. What's your planet's weather like? Very hot. Not too hot, not too cold. A mix of all of these. What will cover most of your planet? A mix of these. Pick a unique feature to have on your planet. Giant ice pinnacles.

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Dense clouds that can be walked on. Lava rivers, lakes and waterfalls. One star or two? A small, dying star or a young bright star?

Want To Make Your Own Planet? With This Interactive Feature, You Can

What colour will your star be? Generally, larger, bluer stars are hotter than smaller, redder ones. So if you have a large, blue star your planet will need to be further away from its star. Will your planet have a moon like Earth? Or will it have lots of moons, like Jupiter and Saturn, or no moon at all? How big will it be - small like Mercury, huge like Jupiter,? What will the gravity be like?

Remember - the bigger the planet, the stronger the gravity. Low gravity means you can move easily, but your atmosphere is likely to escape into space; high gravity will hold onto your atmosphere, but it will be hard to move. How circular will the orbit be - orbits which are circular or almost circular like that of Earth mean that the temperature does not vary too much as the planet orbits its star; very eccentric orbits like that of Pluto mean greater temperature variations.

How hot will the planet be? An atmosphere will keep the planet warmer than a planet without an atmosphere.

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Will your planet's surface have oceans - will they be made of water, or petrol, or acid,? What life forms will the planet support - people, little green aliens, plants, bacteria,? How will they move - or will they be unable to move at all? How will they communicate - will they talk to each other, what will their language be like?

Or will they communicate directly from one mind to another?