The Road to Ruins

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He can?! Well, I don't know if he can. But he might. No one else has the magic abilities he does. He's our only hope, to be honest. Well, he's also our best hope! Thanks, Marjorie! That was a big help! Ah, sorry about that. What do you need? Well, it's complicated. I think Pia went to the ruins, but the door's sealed shut with some magic spell.

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And let me guess. You need me to open those doors. Can you do it? I think I can. Folks in town say they saw her by the ruins. And, I can't explain it, but I just know she's in there. I can feel it. I understand. I'll do what I can to help, then.

Road to Ruins (instrumental)

All right! Let's get going then! Not so fast. What's wrong? I must retrieve a tome before we head to the ruins. I need to look up some information. About what? Details on the ruins. That will help me open the doors. Sounds like a good idea!

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Go to the ruins without me. I'll come when I'm ready. Thanks, Ondorus! You're always such a big help! And by "when he's ready" he means "literally the instant we walk onto the lake screen". That was fast. I'm a quick reader. Time to go.

Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin

I'll try not to let. These doors are quite intricate. It's strange. Who built them, and for what? Man, we can only use our own Teleport to go back home or to the start of a dungeon. Link's been ripped off. What's your take on these doors, Ondorus? The magic spell is even more potent than I anticipated. That was my fear, too.

Gaijinworks :: Road to Ruins

Can you open them? But I can't do it alone. I thought you said you could open it! Calm down. I did some research on the ruins before I came here. We don't know who built them, but I did find some clues regarding the doors. What did you find? A poem. Here's what it said What could it mean?

I can only think of one answer: The humans and univir must join hands. Makes as much sense as anything! Let's open those doors, Ondorus! Nothing happened. No, nothing. Hey, you! Move it. Uh, yes, ma'am! As you wish. The doors! They've opened! Are you okay, Marjorie? I'm okay. Just a little worn out. But I did the job, right?

Hiking the Road to Ruins

It's open! But why couldn't I open it?! You're a foreigner.

What's that supposed to mean?! The locals and the univir were the keys to opening the doors. Wait a minute Did you know I wouldn't be able to open them? Well, you were just so gung-ho about the whole thing! We didn't want to deny you! That, and because it was just funny! Hey, that's mean!

Heh heh! Anyway, you can head on in now!

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